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Terry Gilliam back on Don Quixote

TerryGilliam.jpgI don't think we need to doubt Terry Gilliam's determination. Eight years after his planned film of Don Quixote fell apart, he is starting again.

He's working on a new script, and hopefully no flash floods in sight.

In 2000, Terry Gilliam had Johnny Depp starring in The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Filming started in Spain, only to end after a mere five days. A combination of a double hernia, and flash floods dooming the project. Only for a lot of wrangling over insurance payments to follow.

Terry Gilliam is either determined, or a sucker for punishment. He says he has started writing a whole new script, with his writing partner Tony Grisoni.

Tony and I have started rewriting Don Quixote just this last week. [We] finally got the script back. I re-read the greatest script ever written and realise we gotta get rewriting! I really wanna knock that one out in the next month or so.

He was talking to Empire, and is looks like filming could start later this year. As for the events of the last shoot, Gilliam reckons it may actually turn out for the better.

[I’m] starting to think I was lucky, because maybe the film will be better seven years later. It will have matured a bit longer.

We can only hope he has better luck this time around. I wonder if they will try and get Johnny Depp back. Or is there someone else who fits the bill better?



He's a hero for trying again.


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