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The Last House on the Left trailer online

TheLastHouseontheLeft.jpgClassic horror remakes, you know they’re going to turn out bad or look like some slick MTV style sanitised horror, well from one studio anyway. However the trailer for the remake of Wes Craven’s The Last House on the Left is here and you know what? It’s looking rather good, more than that, it’s looking really good.

There’s not too much MTV here and there’s a darker and edgier feel to it, I get wafts of other horror films that I’ve seen before from Funny Games to Hostel, and there’s a sense of tension and suspense kind of horror too.

Watching this trailer for the new Last House on the Left I'm actually rather excited for the project. The set-up looks strong, and I love the music track for the early piece which is not only a great version of the song but also lends itself really well giving a All the Boys Want Mandy Lane kind of feel.

You'd think that they've picked all the positives from recent horror films and made a strong remake and update of the classic The Last House on the Left, well from this trailer you would anyway. Have a look and see what you think.

I really do like this and think it might just deliver a strong horror with a couple of twists, one might have just been in the trailer itself a little too much.



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I have to say this doesnt really appeal to me. I have always found the rape-revenge of the 70s to be, how do I put this, entertaining, from the revenge point of view that is. This trailer doesnt work for me, maybe its the cast, maybe it doesnt seem like enough of a horror or maybe its because these days movies just dont have the gritty/dirty feel to them that they did in the 70s, but it just doesnt work. Still will be interesting to see what the movie is like anyway.


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