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The Thaw trailer

ValKilmer.jpgThe Thaw stars Val Kilmer as a climate change expert, who uncovers a secret in a polar ice cap. A secret which could threaten the human race, if it's allowed to escape.

The trailer is now online for you to watch. And it doesn't look like this is a return to form for Val Kilmer.

Val Kilmer's climate change expert uncovers a woolly mammoth in a melting polar ice cap. However the animal is harbouring a parasite which begins to infect people one by one. A group of students must somehow stop the parasite from reaching the rest of the world. A problem which might mean some tricky decisions.

The trailer for The Thaw is below, from Bloody Disgusting, through Trailer Addict. Have to say it doesn't look too scary to me. What do you think?



Do you think we'll see a spider-head running around at any point in the proceedings?

Heh. It does look like it's borrowed more than a little, from some other films we could mention. Wonder if if bursts out of people's stomach too.

Geez, it does reek of a teen remake of The Thing, but with subtlety out the window. I think I feel violated.


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