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Thor details revealed

Thor.jpgSome details have been revealed about the planned Thor film which is written by MM and helmed by Kenneth Branagh, and while some aren't that surprising, like Branagh taking a part in the film, but others are a little more surprising and reveal that there's going to be a bit of a change of direction in the script.

Previously script reviews had shown that the story was really about the gods and the battles between Thor and Loki, the relationship with his father Odin, and all based in the land of Asgard. However script changes are taking things in a different direction.

Now it might be delayed until the end of the film, but word is that the script is going to see Thor come to Earth and become human.

According to a source through IESB, the Thor script has had a few changes at the end of it which introduce the character of Donald Blake. This might indicate that the entire script may not be set in the world of ancient gods, but in part in today's reality with Thor in human form.

What happens is that Odin, Thor's father, thinks that he needs some idea of humility and transfers Thor into the body of a partially disabled medical student called Donald Blake, taking away his memories of being Thor.

Blake continues his life and becomes a successful surgeon, but one day discovers Thor's hammer. Upon touching it he transforms back into Thor, and he discovers that he can transform back and forth at will. It's this experience as a human that makes Thor the hero he becomes.

This looks like a definite shift for the Thor film, moving from the film being an entirely in a god-like universe to one that is grounded in our reality. IESB suggests that this is to make it easier to tie the story into the Avengers tale, because if the characters is a real human in our reality then it would be much easier to connect with other characters like Iron Man.

I think that's probably right, but there's another reason, to make this film work. I don't think Thor would work so well if it's all based in a mythical world with ancient gods battling then it becomes total fantasy and at a distance from the audience's believability. However set in a modern day world with a man who can transform gives it that superhero in our world feel, and follows the traditional superhero story set-up.

I think it makes it more accessible to a wider audience, and the changes will make the film a much better superhero story, what do you think?



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