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Tintin rumours of twins casting

NickFrost-SimonPegg.jpgIt seems that there's rather an unlikely pair of actors being picked for the Thompson twin characters, no not the eighties pop group but the twin comic detectives in the story. Although this is very much a rumour at this time and could well turn out to be completely untrue, there's also something that seems rather spot on in the casting choice.

The rumour is that both Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have been picked to play the Thompson twins, the two rather bumbling detectives in matching black suits, black hats and walking sticks.

Sounds a little off the wall to begin with, but remember one thing, this film is going through the usual lengthy, and in my mind rather worthless process, of motion capture, so it doesn't matter about actual looks. However thinking of them both together in certain film and television outings and you can see some of those characteristics in them.

AICN have the reveal that they've been dealing with a number of Tintin rumours, and that they've managed to confirm one of them, although that confirmation is put down to the usual “reliable source”.

So with Andy Serkis playing Captain Haddock, we can now see the Thompson twins being played by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. How does the Tintin casting work for you? Of course remembering that with motion capture they can be made to look as much like the original twins as the director wants them to be.

Something in the story that I missed previously is that the announced Tintin is actually out of the production. For those of you who didn't know, the previously cast Thomas Sangster has had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts, and so the production is still looking for it's lead.

I don't really see that as a problem, you can imagine that when they found Sangster they had a number of auditions and a short list in mind. However the lead is still open.

If it turns out to be true though, I'm rather excited about the Frost-Pegg casting, their dynamic together could prove to be perfect for the characters, and with motion capture, who cares how dissimilar they look – although to be perfectly fair there's a resemblance...ish.

Update: Looks like we had this rumour way back in September too thanks to Louise, I just missed it, until she nudged me that way!



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