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Tomb Raider franchise to restart

TombRaider.jpgThe Lara Croft series of films is to restart in what's being touted as a reboot of the franchise, and that means one thing, Angelina Jolie won't be playing the character again, and that's a bad idea.

Oh, and no, it's doesn't mean that the casting rumours flying around are true either. Remember a film almost always gets producers, writers, a script and a director before its cast. However it doesn't mean that Megan Fox doesn't resemble the part.

The news comes that Warner Bros. and producer Dan Lin are looking at a reboot of the franchise. Previously Paramount had the rights to Lara Croft, but they reverted back to the game developer Eidos, and since Time Warner have increased their stake in that company it wasn't too much of a stretch to see them take up the property.

The Hollywood Reporter states that this new version of Lara Croft is expected to bear little resemblance to the original character and idea, mistake number two, and it will create new origins for the character, give her a love interest and a new villain.

You know there are plenty of people out there who bash videogame adaptations and say they are all rubbish, and these people either have no grasp of what entertainment is and what audiences pay to watch, or what the Tomb Raider films did. The first two films are great fun, the first being the better of course, and it even grossed some US $275 million. That's what I call a successful adaptation.

Not only did it get the money in, but it also managed to adapt the character and traits while still presenting a rounded character with some depth, a strong story, and that entertainment factor, that really was the successful adaptation of a videogame to film.

Now the idea that they are going to restart the franchise without the lead actress who looks remarkably like the original character, or that original story, sounds a little bit daft to me, and we're going to end up in typical Hollywood territory for the most of it. Not good.

RhonaMitra.jpgWhile the recent falsely started rumours of Megan Fox as the new Tomb Raider might have contain some similarities in looks, I much prefer to think that a new Tomb Raider, if it has to be someone other than Angelina Jolie, is staring us all in the face. She's been through plague ravaged Scotland and more recently fought with Vampires and Werewolves, something she's a dab hand at. Rhona Mitra. Now she'd make a cracking Lara Croft, forget Megan Fox who lacks the sophisticated looks and height for the part.

Mind you, I could see them choosing someone like Fox to appeal to the teen market. They could so easily make this a teen Tomb Raider, the story of her early years and her first adventure, and that would be the final mistake.



Rhona Mitra was one of the first PR models to 'play' Lara Croft...


Exactly, one of the reasons why I think she'd be a great choice, but not the main one. She has the poise, the accent, the action ability, and she can act.

The films might of been entertaining and successful, but I didn't really find them any good. I found them quite boring and the action disappointing. I found Angelina Jolie quite distracting, and not in a good way.

I'm sure this will happen and no doubt it will be 'darker' than the first ones. We're gonna need a flashlight to see what's going on in movies in the future.

Well darker makes sense considering the direction of the new game, although it hasn't performend anywhere near as expected.


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