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Tron 2.0 gains lead, changes title

GarrettHedlund.jpgThankfully, and perhaps this is the better news, Tron 2.0 aka Tr2n and Tron 2, has changed it's title to simply Tron. While that's great to remember it does suggest they are thinking less of a sequel and more of a remake, or is that what they are wanting us to think of the project.

Meanwhile there's a lead attached to the film, and it's no one you'd expect to be honest. The lead will be following the role that Jeff Bridges had in the sequel, being pulled into the computer and fighting the Master Control Program with the help of some of the other programs inside the virtual world.

The lead for the film is Garret Hedlund according to The Hollywood Reporter, and quite frankly that's not really that exciting or revealing. It's good that there's a lead and it's nothing against the film, but it really doesn't tell us much.

Hedlund starred in Four Brothers, where I remember him from, and Death Sentence, as well as Friday Night Lights, and Troy. Apparently he was up against some strong competition though, with the story revealing that Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine and Michael Stahl-David all having some form of meetings regarding the film, the latter even screen testing.

I think the most exciting thing that we're waiting on is how much involvement the original character of Flynn is going to have, and what allegiance his character will be. Could he even be the new MCP for the new Tron?



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