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Vacancy 2: The First Cut DVD extended clip

Vacancy.jpgAn extended clip for Vacancy 2: The First Cut has appeared online, and while I don't normally go for these short clips from films, this one is rather interesting as it reveals the genesis of the whole Vacancy scenario, and while the first half of it is an interesting idea, the latter half totally ruins the whole concept for me.

The clip is right here, and if you're not familiar with Vacancy I'd suggest taking a look at the Vacancy Filmstalker review which describes it as a film I really enjoyed and thought was rather clever. However Vacancy 2: The First Cut is heading direct to DVD, and I think this shows you why.

The clip opens rather well to be honest, the first half showing that the group had already set-up the motel for nefarious filming, but not to the extent of the first. Then it turns. For me the reveal in the second half is poor, and I was dreading the possibility that the Vacancy set-up would suddenly happen through a little bit of dialogue, that four people would be persuaded to begin this terrifying and morally bankrupt operation that was at the far side of illegal as you can get just from a few paragraphs of explanation, after all they would have to leap into the action soon enough.

Lo and behold, that's what happens in the second half of the Vacancy 2: The First Cut clip, and to me that's just killed the film's possibilities. Of course they were low anyway with no one returning from the original anyway, but this is the seal for me.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh? For a bit of balance there's the trailer for the film as well which you can see right here on Filmstalker.



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