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Watchmen deal details

Watchmen.jpgSo the disagreement between Warner Bros. and Fox over Watchmen is over. With the deal done, and the release date not looking like moving, we can all relax.

Some details of the supposedly confidential agreement have been released. And Fox seem to be the main winners.

We probably all knew that a deal would be done between Warner Bros. and Fox. Not releasing Watchmen, wouldn't really do either side any good. And we also knew that a large sum of money would be involved. Now we can get an idea of what's changed hands, and what it took to sort it all out.

Variety, through Jo Blo, have some of the details. Fox will get:

an upfront cash payment that sources pegged between $5 million and $10 million.
a gross participation in WATCHMEN that scales between 5% and 8.5%, depending on the film’s worldwide revenues.
[to participate] as a gross player in any sequels and spinoffs.

Warner Bros. basically get to release the film when they had planned, and don't have to include Fox's name anywhere. I wonder how the sequel/spinoff thing will work. Warner Bros make the film again, and Fox nab some profits?

Seems a little unfair, especially when Fox didn't put the effort into making it. But then again I'm not a lawyer. If I was I'd own a Dodge Viper, and a large house complete with it's own cinema. Well at least it's all sorted. Bring on the 6th of March...



Gross payment deals in sequels and prequels? Wow, Fox have gotten a great deal for signing a piece of paper years ago and then saying the project was unfilmable.


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