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Watchmen Japanese trailer online

Watchmen_Poster.jpgThe Japanese trailer for the Watchmen has arrived online with some great new footage from the film, with some amazing shots recreated from history in the early moments, particularly that of President Richard Nixon and President John F. Kennedy's assassination which has a reveal moment that does surprise.

Even though the voice over is in Japanese and I can't understand a word of it, I have to say that this is the best looking trailer to date. There can be no delay of this film.

There was a brief flash of concern though, during one of the excellent Nixon shots he screams about controlling the Doomsday clock and we see it ticking towards midnight. I wonder if that does feel like a little change from the original.

However, my hackles raised slightly as a Watchmen fan and then I thought calm down, it's a film of the comic book and things have to change for the big screen, and who's to say that it's either a big change or a change for the worse? Who's to say it's even a change at all? These are brief moments from the film, and that's something that I hope applies to what could be deemed as being the big closing event in the film too.

The JFK assassination moment is superb though, and that gave me a little rise when I saw the figure turning around from behind that famous fence, and the shots of Nixon are excellent, or the brief moment of the planes flying over Castro. You know these moments of a different history are a huge anticipation in themselves.

Okay, enough of me blabbing. Here's the new Watchmen trailer that everyone's shouting about.

The more I watch of this film the more I'm excited to see the completed version, and the less I want to see more pre-release footage in case I see too much!



I cannot wait for this!

Tricky Dick lives again.


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