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Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic trailer online

Watchmen.jpgOh my lord, if you are a fan of the Watchmen I would preapre to gouge your eyes out and run from the screen right now, for the trailer for Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic has arrived and it's terrible.

What's Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic I hear you ask? Well they've taken the comic, cut the panels up in a computer, and made them move...sort of. Then they've added voice overs that sound terrible.

The motion comic looks pretty damn terrible. From the beginning it looks like a cheap, half-hearted job to try and get the Watchmen fans money into the studio's accounts. Some of the animation work on the panels is terrible, just see Daniel's expression to the realisation that The Comedian is dead...the reaction of the character doesn't even match the voice...or vice versa. Dire.

Here's the trailer for Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic, see what you think, but this seems to be doing its best to destroy the story.

Well? Is this just playing off the hype? Really? What's the point of animating it like this?



It doesn't even look as good as the Dr Who animations done for The Invasion.

I'm trying to think of how that could possibly be any worse but I'm at a loss.


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