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What next for Underworld?

LenWiseman.jpgWith Underworld: Rise of the Lycans going back to the beginning of the story, you might be wondering where the films might go next.

Len Wiseman has been musing on the subject, and we may see more jumping around the timeline.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, travels back to the beginning of the feud between the Vampires and Lycans. We told you a while back, that the franchise would probably continue, by going forward. Not a great shock, considering the latest one goes back the way.

Now Len Wiseman has talked about where they might go next to Shock Till You Drop, through Coming Soon.

We'll see what happens with this one. They're now a bit more open. There was always a hope that there were three films we could tell - so we've completed that trilogy we've talked about. There are many places we can go. If people are willing to go back, they're willing to go forward.

So we could be seeing Selene and Michael back in the future. But he also hints that there may be different stories in mind for the characters, he might not just pick off where they left off.

I'm kind of flirting with ideas of what would take place in the future. I'm just glad people are accepting that we can jump around in the time line and people are interested. Hopefully they'll be willing to accept different stories because the characters are there and they're immortal. It would be fun to go forward again.

So, are you happy with the jumping around the timeline? Should Underworld go back to the future after the latest one? And would you be interested in seeing the same characters, but different stories?



I would love to see more stories being told with the same characters.

I'm really looking froward to seeing Rise Of The Lycans, I don't think I'll be watching it at the cinema, most probably on DVD.

To me its obvious what should be next for underworld. They need to document the events leading up to the pact made between Kraven and Lucian There would be one huge battle between vampires and Lycans. Also they should also document the introduction of Seline.

Yeah, that would probably be the logical story to tell. Either that or a straight carry on from the second film, maybe a few years later.
Hopefully Kate Beckinsale will be back for more. She didn't sound too interested a while back though.

The answer is pretty simple.. The majority of fans want a pickup from RotL. Len should really sit back and observe alot of the internet buzz. I like so many others think taking of with Michael/Selene at this point would be useless. True, die hard fans want to know how events took place inbetween RotL and Underworld. The turning of Selene, the famous lie that brought Kraven to power.. Even more flashbacks from the turning of Amelia, why her rise to power? Nothing will fill these voids by continueing on after Evolution. No intertwined flashbacks with Michael/Selene too could answer all these questions. Len, keep Underworld alive. Continue with the prequel.. Keep Viktor around. No Viktor, No Underworld. *end of story .. sha bing*


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