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X-Men Origins: Wolverine reshoots really a problem?

Wolverine.jpgEveryone's been talking about the reshoots that have been reported for X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the news just recently came out that the reshoots are in order to include more of the character Deadpool.

Most people are polarised in their view, either shouting about how great it is to have more Deadpool on screen more or shouting about the fact that reshoots spell the death of the film. However are either true?

The story about reshoots on X-Men Origins: Wolverine shouldn't have been much of a surprise, you know how many films have reshoots? No, well neither do I, but I do know it's a lot and happens a great deal of the time. By no means is it an abnormal practice.

What makes it more likely to be nothing to worry about is the fact that Fox just came into a lot of extra cash thanks to them suing Warner Bros. for having the guts to make the film that they passed on. So perhaps they are piling that cash into some films that they consider to be big money returners and in their big name franchises.

Makes sense so far, so why worry? Well let me take you a little further into the story, courtesy of the IESB update.

The reshoots are apparently to get more of Deadpool into the story. Who's Deadpool? Well let me cover that one quickly, he's another mutant who has the ability to regenerate, except he can take it further, if he loses a leg he can grow it back, and his regeneration power is controlled more by his mind than Wolverine's. He also has enhanced reaction, strength, stamina, etc. He carries a transportation device and he uses a mix of blades and guns.

Okay, so you get the idea, and he's a cracking character and is being played by a very fit Ryan Reynolds. However there's something else to consider to decide whether the reshoots are a good thing or not, a film's script.

So far I've said that reshoots can be very common and aren't really a story, in fact very often they are used to create hype around a film that people are looking out for, and this will be exploited in order to create more hype and make you read their stories. So really, a non-story for the most part.

However we hear that they're adding more of Deadpool into the film. Into the already completed film. The already written and directed film (not sure if I could add scored and edited in there just yet). Now this does bother me.

The writer wrote a story and the director filmed the visual tale of that story, and now, after all that has been done, they have decided to go back and add some bits into the film to make a supporting character bigger in the film, a supporting character mind you, not the main character that the film is about. Does anyone else see the problem with that?

The story has been created and the characters developed and put on paper, gone through the rewrites and development process, more than that put on screen, and now they're filming more bits of one of the ancillary characters to beef him up, probably thinking that they can make a film out of him after this one.

What effect does that have on the rest of the film? On the main character, and how much of the other supporting characters (since there are a number involved) are going to get but in order to add these extra bits in? Remember none of this has been written into the main script, just added in afterwards.

Now to me that's the worrying bit. Do you agree, or are you thinking to hell with Wolverine and the others, it's great to see more Deadpool or are you concerned what this can do to Wolverine?



I smell a multiple DVD Special Edition Extended Cut Alt version release...

Oh no, not one Mark, I reckon multiples. They could squeeze three or four releases out of this.

Typical Hollywood money making, never catch me doing that!

But on a totally different subject the new 'Final Cut DVD' of One Day Removals will soon be available from www.stirtonproductions.com packed with bonus features.

I'm not sure what to think I mean reshoots aren't exactly unheard of, but I think what matters is the extend of these reshoots. Are they reshooting to enhance a few scenes or are they trying to fix existing problems? It's not something we'll know until the movie comes out. I wish I felt more excited about this movie, but so far I'm feeling pretty lukewarm.

Well the marketing teams aren't going to tell us unfortunately, so we're going to be waiting until the film arrives and, as Mark says, the multiple version DVD comes out so we can compare.


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