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50 Cent making Saints Row film

50Cent.jpg50 Cent, who is about to have a video game released with himself as the central character, is now looking to adapt the video game Saints Row into a film.

Right now he is optioning the rights to the property and looks set to try and make it into a decent screenplay and film. Good luck.

There's not much to the story, although he reportedly admitted that the first video game he featured in was rather difficult to control – take that in context because we have no idea how much he plays video games, and that's a good point to consider.

He may have been approached by a marketing team with the idea of appearing in a video game and getting his music and the 50 Cent persona out to a new, younger, captive audience, and he said yes. Okay, it's my cynical head here but it's probably what really happened.

Then, while working with THQ on the project, they suggested producing a move to try and get Saints Row made into a film, and if it works then there'll be a leading role in there. I'd sign the deal, wouldn't you?

Of course that's all conjecture, and the story from Gamespot through Digital Spy (who once again do not provide any link to the site who broke the story, but no matter I went out and found it for you to give the proper credit) tells us the whole story.

He's starring in the third person shooter 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and was doing some telephone press interviews when he said:

“With my relationship with THQ, you'll actually see me develop Saints Row into a screenplay and into a film project...I'm optioning the rights to that now, so you'll see that before you see me attempt to do [a film adaptation of my games]”

Well practice on someone else's games before you hit your own, makes sense, however that does highlight the intention that 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, or the first game 50 Cent: Bulletproof, will also become a film.

I don't see much excitement in either of these ideas, although if a successful Saints Row film was made perhaps it might push a little bit forward in other more interesting potential video game adaptations like Grand Theft Auto and perhaps even Halo.



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