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A Watchmen sequel? Maybe says Snyder

ZackSnyder.jpgIt's refreshing hearing from Zack Snyder, not only is he a strong film-maker who really could be described as a fan and one of the audience, but he offers us a refreshing take on talking about his films and here he talks about the possibility of a sequel or prequel to Watchmen.

What's refreshing is that he's taking a very realistic view, he sets down his desire and what he'd do if offered the chance, and then tells us how it is in the real world, and honest as it is, it is rather frightening.

The New York Times asked Zack Snyder what he would do if Warner Bros. decided to kick off a sequel or prequel to the Watchmen, assuming of course the film is going to be successful, and let's face it, the film is going to be successful, of that there's now doubt. Anyway, when interviewed by the New York Times through The Playlist (who don't give a source link for the article) he was pretty damned honest.

Apparently he was straight on the point that he would have nothing to do with it, he wasn't interested whatever the premise they came up with, and there's a reason for that:

"I've spoiled it, I think, a little bit. Do you leave that film going, 'Man, I wonder what the next chapter is? [laughs]'"

Yeah, well if you've read the Watchmen comic you probably know that there's not a complete finality to the ending, but Snyder is suggesting that he has made one. Perhaps he's been much harder than the comic and ensured that no one would be interested in a sequel, or perhaps there's nothing for the characters to come back to, or perhaps even no characters to come back. Who knows until we see that much touted Snyder ending.

However, and this is the bit where he gets very realistic about it all, Warner Bros. own the rights and if they see the chance to turn a profit they will.

"Listen, they own the rights. If they wanted to go and hire some guy to make them a sequel to Watchmen I don't know that they would get any of those actors to do it, and I know that I wouldn't have anything to do with it. But they own it. They can do whatever they want. They can make a movie"

They certainly can, and if we take the cold hard light of day viewpoint, if Watchmen makes a lot of money for Warner Bros. then they're going to want to make more of it, and if they see the chance for a sequel or prequel, they'll take it. Just look at the other films that they're remaking and sequel-ing right now, what's to stop them?

There is something, 20th Century Fox. Now we don't know all the details of the agreement and what they would get if there's a sequel, but we do know that they're taking some of Warner Bros. money and profits, and that's something that will be irking Warner's executives, for they could have had that profit, and maybe they want it back.

Then there's that question of just what Warner have dealt Fox with regards sequels or prequels of Watchmen. If there's no deal them it's a sweeter desire for Warners to make another film, regain some of that lost money, make use of all the set-up piled into Watchmen.

If they do though, let's just say they took the more sensible route and decided to make a prequel. They could make it about the first group of masked adventurers, or perhaps even better, the group of masked superheroes we see in the Watchmen story but before they were banned by the government, when they were on the rise and rampant, the banning of them would make for a strong ending and a good tie in with the first film, paving the way for special editions and box-sets galore.

What do you think? I know it's early to be thinking this but Snyder obviously has, he's not interesting in the idea but are you? What if they did try and make a prequel? Maybe even two? Would you be interested?



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