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Alex Proyas on Dracula Year Zero and The Tripods

AlexProyas.jpgAlex Proyas has talked about two of his upcoming projects, Dracula Year Zero and The Tripods.

Looks like Dracula Year Zero could be his next film, and we could be seeing a Tripods trilogy.

A few weeks ago Alex Proyas was talking about how excited he was about Dracula Year Zero. Now he says that the project could possibly be his next film.

We're still trying to resolve budget and casting and all the stuff that you need to get through before a project becomes real. But the script is at a very good place and I think has a very unique take on the Dracula story.

The story is a reboot of the Dracula legend, based on Bram Stoker's original book. But with a new angle added in.

We have that. That's what brought me into the concept. Dracula is obviously a character that has been [around]. There've been so many movies made about him. And this story came along, and I went, 'Wow, that is such a ... , it's almost like a no-brainer in terms of what this story is.' And you kind of go, 'Well, why hasn't someone actually told this story already?' Because it is truly the origin story of the character. And [we have] a really great script that works beautifully. So that part is in place. We just have to get all the logistical aspects out of the way now.

He was talking to Sci-Fi Wire about the plans. Sounds like we could be in for a new take on the Dracula legend. He also talked to them about his film based on The Tripods by John-Christopher. They have now moved onto the script stage, with the first draft complete. They are also planning on a trilogy should the first film go well.

We've done a draft; we're basically at the first-draft stage of Tripods, and we're about to go into our second draft. Pretty happy with the script; I think it's come a long way. ... We're only doing the first book, The White Mountains, and the notion is, obviously, that it will hopefully be a trilogy. But we'll probably just be shooting the first movie independently.

Proyas says that reading the series at a particular age got him hooked.

That's something that I read when I was exactly the right age, which was about 11 or 12. It's virtually a coming-of-age story with alien invaders. So that really struck a nerve with me as a kid, and it's haunted me: the notion of these creatures sort of capping us and putting these kind of mind-control probes on us to kind of indoctrinate us into the world of adults. I always found that a really powerful notion, so that's always been something that I've wanted to explore in those stories.

I haven't read the material it's based on, but I do remember the BBC TV series. This could look amazing on the big screen. Are you more interested in a new take on Dracula, or The Tripods coming to a cinema near you?



would love to see the tipods on the big screen....loved the bbc series..watched it as a kid...dissapointed when it was canceled..lets gets this in production...

He's been attached to the project for some time and talking openly about it (hit the "The Tripods" tag above the comments), December 11th 2007 was the first story I think.

It's a great story and the television series was good. Hopefully the film will come about and Proyas will deliver something special for us.


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