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Another Hemingway biographical film

ErnestHemingway.jpgThere's another Ernest Hemingway biographical film in development it would seem, there have already been a few major films about the character, and the latest comes from an adaptation of the A.E. Hotchner's best-selling biography Papa Hemingway: A Personal Memoir (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

The book looks at the last fourteen years of Hemingway's life, and Hotchner is well placed to write about those years as he was a close friend of his during that time. It does sound like it could be revealing, but is the other in development Hemingway film sounding better?

A comment from one of the producers of the film through Yahoo puts a lot of praise onto the project:

“It is rare that we have such intimate, truthful knowledge about the life and, ultimately, demise of a true American icon...Hotchner's stories hold a mythical value to those of us who so respect the author Hemingway but know little about the man.”

However I'm not sure if these years will be the most revealing of the man and his works, and indeed will they make for an entertaining and engaging film?

There's another biographical film of the man in the works and this one has already lined up a cast, well it did back in 2006 but it still hasn't been made and currently has some rumoured dates around 2011. However back then it grabbed James Gandolfini to play Hemingway in a still untitled film about his love affair with World War II correspondent Martha Gellhorm which inspired him to write For Whom the Bell Tolls (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

Robin Wright Penn was lined up to play Gellhorm, and that sounded like an interesting coupling. However we've just never heard anything more.

Now they're going to face some competition, but not that much, although the two films will be looking at Ernest Hemingway, they won't be looking at the same period of Hemingway's life, and we'll be seeing two very different characters.



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