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Arthur remakes gains writer

DudleyMore-JohnGielgud.jpgIt was in December last year when we heard that there was a remake of Arthur coming, the classic comedy with Dudley Moore and Sir John Gielgud. Then we heard that Russell Brand was being lined up to take the leading role, in fact he was going to Warner Bros. with the idea of the film and the possibility of him leading it.

Well it seems like he was successful as news comes today that a writer has been attached to the project, and while he may have some strong comedy success, the writer does seem a million miles away from the original Arthur story.

Arthur tells the story of a playboy who enjoyed his drinking far too much and is about to inherit a small fortune, however there are strings attached. He only inherits it if he marries an heiress his family thinks is a good acquisition for the family name, and of course he's not interested. Actually he's fallen in love with a working class girl and his valet is the only one who seems willing, and able, to help him.

We heard back in December that Russell Brand was taking the story to Warner Bros. and trying to convince them to remake the film, and the word was that he was set to take the lead, that is confirmed by Variety who also tell us that the writer is going to be Peter Baynham.

Baynham has been a writer on some strong British television comedy, Jam, Smack the Pony, Brass Eye, The Day Today, and then most recently in film on Borat.

Now while I hate the idea of remakes and Hollywood is going remake crazy, particularly today, the more I think about Russell Brand as Arthur the more I'm into the idea, but I'm scared as to what direction Hollywood takes with it.

Will they hit the usual road of cheap comedy based on sexual dysfunction, body functions and swearing, or will they play on the comedy of real life as Arthur did. Arthur was clever, endearing, entertaining, and a real heart warming story, and Dudley Moore was classic in the role.

While Brand replacing Moore might have its attractions I am concerned this ends up on the Pink Panther remake path of destruction.



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