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BAFTA 2009 interviews

BAFTA.jpgThere are a bunch of interviews online with the stars, not only from the gorgeous Fearne Cotton (who Mickey Rourke describes as hardcore), but also from the not so gorgeous Andrew Collins.

Fearne leaps at Rourke, Dev Patel and Freida Pinto on the red carpet, while Andrew hits out at Danny Boyle, Mickey Rourke, Terry Gilliam, Steve McQueen, Penélope Cruz, and many, many more.

Luckily BAFTA and Orange have allowed us to embed a couple of Fearne's interviews from the wet and cold red carpet, and if the cameraman had moved that camera a few inches to the left you'd have seen me typing away like mad! Here are the videos:

Fearne Cotton interviews Mickey Rourke with a dripping nose, Fearne, not Mickey, and he thinks she's hardcore...well, there's not a lot to say about that!

Fearne Cotton interviews Freida Pinto and Dev Patel who looks so excited he can hardly stay still. Mind you he got slapped by Sharon Stone!

You can see more of Fearne Cotton and Andrew Collins interviewing the stars on the red carpet, and inside in the warmth (I think Andrew had the better job there) just have a look at the official BAFTA site.

If you want to go through the live red carpet event with Filmstalker and readers, then have a look at the live blogging from the red carpet and the event.



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