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Batman 3 bumped for Inception

ChristopherNolan.jpgIt looks like we won't be getting a third Batman film any time soon as Christopher Nolan is set to head to another project before we find out if he's going to take up a third film. That's right, despite all the insane casting rumours from the internet he hasn't signed up for a third film, and he says he hasn't even found an idea for a third film yet.

So that's probably why he's taking a break from the Batman franchise to produce an original science fiction film he also wrote called Inception.

Yes, there is no casting, there are no villains chosen, there's not even an idea for the third film that Christopher Nolan thinks will work just yet, so perhaps it's a good thing that he takes a break from the superhero and turn to something else.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Inception is a story that is described as a science fiction action film...

“...set within the architecture of the mind”

Apparently the story was written from a treatment based on some poems that Christopher Nolan wrote when he was in fifth-grade.

Sounds interesting, and considering what Nolan has delivered before then this could be rather off the beaten track, especially as it's science fiction and considering the description above.

Will Batman fans be upset that they aren't going to see another film in the franchise straight away? I don't think so, I'm not. Nolan has said the right idea hasn't come yet, so it doesn't mean he should stop making films until he does, and it's better that he gets the right idea rather than force something out to appease the media and perhaps fans.



This really shouldn't come to a shock to anyone, he did The Prestige between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

I'm with you, I'd rather him take his time and figure out a good story to tell then just rush into making the movie. We certainly don't need another Batman Forever or Batman and Robin.

Yeah, I think it's too soon for another one. Especially given how mammoth The Dark Knight turned out. I'd rather there was a longer break in between.

I agree.


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