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Beverly Hills Cop 4 is R rated

BrettRatner.jpgBrett Ratner has confirmed that Beverly Hills Cop 4 will be R rated. No child friendly swearing for Eddie Murphy then.

Except, we shouldn't call it Beverly Hills Cop 4. Or talk about that script we wrote about. Heh, I just did.

Brett Ratner has been charged with reinventing the Beverly Hills Cop series. And he's come up with two good things already. One, he isn't going for the child friendly version. And two, he's ignoring the third film.

It’s a hard R. We’re not going to call it ‘4'.It will be a new ‘Beverly Hills Cop. It’s a reinvention. I’m going to reintroduce it to a contemporary audience. I’m going to take the best of the first two films and put it into the new one.

Yes, ignoring the third is probably a good idea. And just so we are all clear, the script we told you about late last year, is apparently not the one he is making. Which is I guess why they told us to take it down...

There was all this stuff on the Internet and they’d read a script. It’s not the script I’m making.

Ratner was talking to MTV Movies Blog. Well, it's good we are getting the foul mouthed Axel Foley of old. And he does seem more interested in what made the first two films work. I guess we will have to wait and see what script he really is making, and if it's a decent one. Could this be the beginning of Eddie Murphy's reinvention? Or is this series finished?



Sounds like Ratner is not going to make the same mistake as the Lethal Weapon or Indian Jones series. Where the first movie was the best because it was an action driven film, with comedy sprinked in. But, the rest got worse and worse as the sequals came out, because they got more and more comical with less substance for each sequal. It always amazes me how many director's have made this error. Bad Boys II, is an example of a great sequal, where the action came first and the comedy came second. I love comedy just like anyone else. But, when I see Beverly Hills Cop, I want action!


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