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Billy Elliot to get a sequel?

BillyElliot.jpgFilms becoming musicals is fairly common place these days, as is the musicals turning back into films. With Hairspray having run that course already, Universal want to do exactly the same with Billy Elliot.

They may have to go some to convince Stephen Daldry though, as he is fairly sceptical about it all.

Billy Elliot was a big hit when it was released in 2000. The film saw Jamie Bell play a young boy who discovers a love of dance, much to the initial disappointment of his family. It launched the career of Bell, and has recently become a stage musical. The musical has played in both London and Broadway, and is now set to go all over America.

Now Universal seem keen to try and repeat the success of Hairspray, which went from John Waters original film, to a musical and back to film again. And there is also the sequel on the way too. Universal want another Billy Elliot film, Stephen Daldry remains unconvinced though.

You know. That’s exactly what Universal is hassling me about. Now we’ll be doing ‘Billy Elliot: The Musical: The Movie’! I don’t know. I think probably not; but they’re really pushing for it.

Daldry was talking to MTV Movies Blog. Not a surprise that Universal want another film. I'm not sure how it would work though. Is the musical different enough for it not to just be a remake? I'm not sure a sequel would work either, as the end of Billy Elliot wrapped it all up. Revisiting the character 10 years later would be a very different kind of film too. What do you think, should there be another Billy Elliot film?



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