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Blunt officially off Iron Man 2?

EmilyBlunt1.jpgEmily Blunt looks to be officially off Iron Man 2. Her commitment to Gulliver's Travels looks like finally putting an end to her chances of playing Black Widow.

Not only that but a wrestler thinks he is up for a role as a villain. Just another day, in the busy world of Iron Man 2 casting.

Emily Blunt seemed a pretty good choice as Black Widow in Iron Man 2. But then Gulliver's Travels came along, and due to a contract thing she has to appear in it. The two camps were supposedly trying to get together, so that she could appear in both.

Meanwhile Eliza Dushku was touting herself for the role, and Scarlett Johansson was rumoured to be up to replace Blunt. Now Jon Favreau has apparently said that Blunt is definitely off the film. He was asked about Iron Man 2 on the red carpet at a post Oscars party, and he is said to have confirmed that Emily Blunt won't be in Iron Man 2, and also that Mickey Rourke is still not a definite. The news is from The Playlist, though /Film.

Also through /Film, originally from comic book movie, is the news that Matt Morgan thinks he is up for a role in Iron Man 2. The American Gladiator/wrestler says he can't say any more than that. We can only hope that he is going to be a disposable henchman, as opposed to the real thing.

So, who would you like to play Black Widow? And is all this villain uncertainty beginning to annoy you?



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