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Bourne 4 not The Parsifal Mosaic?

TheParsifalMosaic.jpgLate last year we thought that The Parsifal Mosaic might be the basis of the fourth Jason Bourne film. With one of the producers saying it was a possiblility.

Looks like it will be made as a standalone film instead though. I wonder what Bourne 4 is all about then?

Back in December last year, one of the producers of the Jason Bourne films, said that they were looking to The Parsifal Mosaic as the basis of the next film. As the next Bourne book had been written by a friend of Robert Ludlum, instead of the man himself, they were looking elsewhere for inspiration. With the makers now having access to all of Ludlum's novels it seemed like a good idea. Not to mention the plot sounded distinctly Bourne like.

The Parsifal Mosaic revolves around a U.S. intelligence agent who thinks he witnesses the execution of his lover, who was identified as a KGB double agent.

He retires, but sees her alive at a train station and attempts to find her and unravel a conspiracy. Soon, the agents become involved in an effort to track down Parsifal, a shadowy figure behind a blackmail scheme.

Now Variety say that the fourth Bourne film is being developed from an original idea. I didn't know they had those in Hollywood these days. And The Parsifal Mosaic is being developed as a separate film altogether.

Universal is in talks for the film rights, and may well fast track the film. This is just after the announcement that Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington would team up in The Matarese Circle, a film based on another Ludlum novel. We won't be short of Robert Ludlum adaptations at his rate. I wonder what they have up their sleeve for Jason Bourne 4.



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