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Brad Bird's 1906 downsizing?

BradBird.jpgJust the other day we heard from Brad Bird on 1906 and Toy Story 3. He was still trying to nail down the script for the film.

Turns out the reason he is having so much trouble, could be because the epic film he was hoping to make may be too costly.

Brad Bird was talking about bringing San Francisco of 1906 to life. The film will look at the events leading up to the massive earthquake and fires that year. Bird seemed excited about his first live action film.

The best way to sum up ["1906”], would be that it’s a romantic, epic, mystery with lots of action in it, based around events leading up to and through the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906. It’s really a hard script to write. Mostly because there are so many things going on in that place in that particular period of time. Any time you’re going toward something, you’re going away from five other cool things… We’ll see if they have the courage to make it. We’re proceeding as if.

"The courage to make it", now seems like it could be aimed at the studios who are counting their pennies. /Film claim that the economic downturn has led to the budget being cut, meaning Brad Bird has had to alter the scale of the film.

It sounded like we were in a for a fairly expansive epic, with the chaos of San Francisco brought to life. Can they make this film work, whilst tightening their belts?



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