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Campbell directing Green Lantern and The Birds?

MartinCampbell.jpgWhile we heard Martin Campbell is in negotiations to helm The Birds, or rather the producers were after him to direct the film, and that still seems to be ongoing, but there's other, even stranger news today as to what Campbell might have appearing on his directorial slate.

According to reports, Martin Campbell is in talks to direct Green Lantern, and while that again sounds as though Campbell is negotiating to get the role, it would seem that it's Warner Bros. who are chasing him for the superhero film.

Martin Campbell is probably best known for directing GoldenEye and bringing the Bond films back on track, but he also has a lot of television to his credit list, including the BBC drama series Edge of Darkness which he has just directed in Hollywood with a big name cast. There's a few lacklustre action adventure films in there too, but the recent big hit has been Casino Royale (Filmstalker review), his excellent Bond film that brought Daniel Craig into the Bond franchise powering along in his Aston Martin with nothing more negative than a faint murmur from the press before the film arrived.

Currently on his slate are Unstoppable, 36 and the aforementioned Edge of Darkness. For those of you who don't know, 36 is the English language remake of the excellent 36 Quai des Orfèvres (Filmstalker review) starring the excellent Daniel Auteuil and Gérard Depardieu going head to head. It's a superb film, and one that I fear will turn into a standard western thriller with the translation, let's hope not though.

He's certainly going to be busy, and while the remake of The Birds sounds like a heady task and one we might not want to see, it certainly is more standard fare for the director than Green Lantern.

We head that Previously we also heard that Martin Campbell was in talks to direct the film in December, and those talks are still progressing according to the producers through HorrorMovies.ca.

Interestingly the talks with Naomi Watts for the role are still ongoing too, and that's been years. She wants the lead but not until she has seen the final script, and that it's a good script too.

Green Lantern though seems quite a different kind of move for Campbell, and that's why I think that the news from Variety that he's in talks will end well and he'll take up the challenge. Considering what other directors are making out of good superhero stories and that they just keep assigning big name, and unusual directors, to these projects, I don't see him refusing, do you? After all if Kenneth Branagh is directing Thor, wouldn't Campbell do Green Lantern?



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