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Update: Clips 'n' Pics: All Superbowl clips: Transformers 2, Star Trek, Fast & Furious, Up, Land of the Lost, Year One, G.I. Joe, Race to Witch Mountain, Angels & Demons, Duplicity

JimPlunkett.jpgRather than annoy you with individual trailers for each of the short Super Bowl adverts, I thought I would lump them all together so you can see new footage, and some first time footage, for a ton of films right here.

The Super Bowl clips released already are Transformers 2, Star Trek, Fast & Furious, Up, Land of the Lost, The Year One, G.I. Joe and Race to Witch Mountain, all of which you can see in the article below. I've taken a quick overview of what I think of the footage, but it's more important that we hear what you think. So get watching.

Update: Teasers for Duplicity, Angels & Demons and a second The Year One teaser have all been added.

First up, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, or as I keep saying this morning, Transporters 2, no I have no idea why that's in my head either. Okay, watch first and we'll talk after. You might be better watching it in the high definition version because the standard version is pretty blocky. Actually that's an understatement and it looks terrible.

Hollywood formula for sequels.

If 1 = SUCCESSFUL then 2 = 1 + 1 * BIGGER + DARKER

That's exactly what this teaser delivers. You get to see some of the same characters in almost identical poses and positions from the first film so that you identify with them, throw in a couple of Transformers shots that you'll recognise and that's your 1 + 1, your “more”. Now start making the scale of the film and the robots bigger, and since it's a second film, make it so that it's not going so well for the humans, throw that in the title.

Am I going “wow, look at that ?” no. It's a parade of some cool looking robots, and those familiar scenes, with one big opening that says bigger. Where's the better?

Star Trek fares little better with me. There's a little twinge inside when I see the scale and hear the names, but apart from that it's looking like another science fiction, action adventure film. Now while that's not a bad thing, it's not Star Trek, I just don't get it yet. There is some new footage though, a little of the characters and some new epic CGI shots.

Fast & Furious seems to be footage we've already seen with a few bits thrown in, but they still have that horrible ending.

Update: Here's an update before I even post the article! I just previewed it to check and found that the trailer over at TrailerAddict had been removed for some reason, hopefully because it's wrong and that effects shot is just not going to be shown on big screen televisions across America and end up harming the film's release. No matter, I tracked it down elsewhere, lesser quality although an HD version is available.

Right up until that ending the trailer is going really well, tension between characters is set-up quite easily, there are some cool cars revving up and racing, girls kissing each other, all the ingredients for a petrol (gear) head's film. Then there's that burning tanker rolling along a flat valley towards Dom's car, and it looks pretty damn bad.

Okay, maybe they're going to improve the scene, but really what's the point? They've already shown us the ending of the scene, he gets through? So what purpose will that add to the film? When that scene is set-up we won't be sitting there going “Oh no! He might not make it!”, we'll be sitting there knowing how it ends, and that's probably the big budget CGI moment.

It should have stuck with practical effects and not gone for something so huge, and especially not shown us how it ends!

Then there are two teasers for Disney's Up, and I'm not feeling anything from the clips. There's definitely a cool idea there and a hint of some very funny moments, but these overly short clips give us a couple of pretty standard fare jokes.

What I am glad about though is that the two clips don't have anything deliberately flying at the screen just to show off that it's in 3D. Let's hope they've finally calmed down with that rubbish and they'll make a film which just so happens to be in 3D. Frankly I could do without the 3D rubbish and having to wear an extra pair of glasses.

Land of the Lost has got me! Now this is a teaser. Out of everything I've watched so far this teaser ticks the boxes, and surprisingly for me it's a film that I thought I wouldn't enjoy. It has everything you could want with a funny opening moment that has a real adult joke in it, and not one based on bodily functions or sex, could I end up liking this? I think so.

I laughed at the opening line, and at the fact that the trailer is available in “HD+”, it's like HD but better. Now that would appeal to Hollywood! Anyway, back to Land of the Lost, okay it concentrates on the main star Will Ferrell, but the effects and creatures look fun, and there's something different about the way it's all filmed, it just feels a little quirky. I'm liking this teaser and now I want to see more – that's what a teaser should do.

The Year One is a film I'm torn about, Harold Ramis is great, Jack Black is hit going on miss these days.

Ermm...what? Are the cavemen travelling through time? Meeting biblical characters and what look like Aberdeen Angus cattle. I'm rather confused about that teaser and although I can see the jokes and where the beats are, they just don't strike me as funny.

Although I already posted it yesterday, here's the teaser for G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra.

On retrospect, and after having seen all these teasers (I really am watching one, writing about it, then watching the next) I have to say that this now stands up much better. The effects shots are superb, you get to see them (take note Mr Bay) and there's a set-up between the two leaders almost instantly. This might turn out to be a good fun action adventure.

Race to Witch Mountain delivers one of the oddest lines I've ever heard, “Don't go in the pimped out fridge Jack”. Now we get to see the trailer in much better quality than we have already seen I have to say I'm rather into it. It looks like a fun romp with some good solid action sequences.

Well that's it, that's all the film related Super Bowl spots I have so far. Perhaps there's more to come, and if there are then I'll add them on.

However out of this bunch what's grabbing your attention and what's not? What's making you really excited for all the right reasons, and what just fell flat on its face?

A few more teasers have been added since yesterday's Super Bowl and first up is Angels & Demons. Looks pretty much the same as the first although the brief glimpses we get do look pretty exciting, but this is a real promo to tell you about the film and that it's coming as well as who the big names are in it, I'm really not feeling how strong this film is through this short clip.

The Duplicity teaser is really pretty bad quality, personally I'd say hit the tag for the film at the bottom of the article and pick out one of the proper trailers because this one has very poor quality. I'm sure it'll improve soon enough, in the meantime.

It's pretty good stuff and concentrates on the strength of the film, the two big leads who look like they have great chemistry together. I think this is one of the better teasers from the bunch even if it doesn't have huge robots and big explosions.

Finally a second teaser for The Year One. Again with the completely mixed up timeline and still not seeming that funny to me...haven't we seen these jokes in another famous film but one that's much funnier?



I think people get too excited about the Superbowl, but I understand the excitement when I see the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Superbowl spot! Holy cow! Wow!


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