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Crowe talks Bill hicks film

BillHicks.jpgRussell Crowe has been talking about his upcoming film Robin Hood and is very clear that everyone behind the film wants to make the best Robin Hood story ever, after all he's a fan of the film from his childhood days.

However it's not the marketing chat on that film I'm interested in, it's what he says about his planned Bill Hicks film, the controversial comedian who commented heavily on society, religion and politics. He was regarded by some as a comedy genius.

Not just that but also a philosopher and as Russell Crowe tells us, a prophet of things to come, particularly in politics.

However there's not much movement on the project it seems, and I think that's a real shame because a film about Bill Hicks would not only be hilariously funny but also hugely insightful, and anything that gets some of his messages out to a larger audience has to be good.

The comments come through Empire and reveals that the project is proving a tough one to bring to the big screen.

“It's a labour of love. it's been a couple of years so far, just discussing all the different possibilities and working on a script. Because you could approach it and just do a straightforward biopic, but that doesn't respect who he is and what he had to say. There's a very different theory that Bill Hicks was in fact a prophet, and that the things he said 20 years ago are still relevant now. Like he said, 'Don't vote in George Bush Sr because there are a whole lot of Bushes in Texas...' You can go through the stuff he was saying then and it's actually shocking, because it's like he was talking yesterday.”

I'm intrigued by what he's saying about the way the film will be made – not a straightforward biographical film he says, what exactly does that mean do you think? Maybe we're set to see some of his actual performances and perhaps some ingenious way of telling his story through those performances. I don't know, what other way could there be?

Come on though Hollywood, here's an original project dying to get made. It's got great backing, a lead all ready made there, and it even has an audience that would be interested in watching it. Where are you? Making remakes of films the audience don't want to see.



How dare you Richard! We're all desperately waiting for High School Musical 5.

Unfortunately, its really hard to make an original film in Hollywood, and even harder to get audiences to buy tickets to the few films which don't fit the mold.

It all comes down to the ticket buying public. If they prefer endless sequels and the tried and true, that's what studios will greenlight.

Crowe would be perfect as Hicks. He's a great story teller and interpreter of character. Maybe once he gets this big Robin Hood movie under his belt, he can concentrate on the Hicks project.

Hope the studio would make this Bill Hicks biopic A.S.A.P. Russ can play any character he chooses, he's an acting powerhouse. Looking forward to hearing more about this project. Totally excited!

Ha Lars!...Ermmm I hope you're kidding!

Archie it's very hard. They need to make money, and Hollywood is getting more and more risk adverse.

Still, a Bill Hicks biographical film could grab more than just the Bill Hicks fanclub I think.

This is blasphemy....[Expletive removed - Richard] THIS!!!!!!!


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