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Depp and Penn in the Three Stooges?

TheThreeStooges.jpgRumour has it that Johnny Depp and Sean Penn may be playing two of the three stooges in the remake/tribute film, The Three Stooges from the Farrelly brothers.

Now this is a huge rumour mill story, so huge in fact that it comes form a celebrity gossip site and has one of those “insiders” giving away the reveal, so bear in mind that this may not have any truth to it at all.

Frankly I think it is going to be a total rumour mill story, so don't put much faith in it, after all can you see these two stars headlining in the same film and then appearing in three short films that segue together to make one Three Stooges movie? I'm really not that sure that they would, and for that matter I'm not so sure if they really would believe that a Three Stooges film would work nowadays, unless there's a huge change and modernisation going on with the script.

The insider reveals all through Just Jared and Latino Review, and I really cannot believe it, see what you think:

“They want Johnny to play Moe and Sean Penn will be Larry — they’re still looking to cast Curly”

That's it, that's all the insider has to say. Who's they? Some tea ladies around the corner from the production offices, and who's the insider and insider in? The Subway (freebie for the mention?) around the corner where they get their lunch?

Okay I'm having a bit of a laugh there, but you can see grammatically and legally just how vague that term can be and what it does and doesn't have to refer to.

I can't see Johnny Depp and Sean Penn headlining together, especially not playing these characters in a new film about The Three Stooges. I think the rumour is rubbish.

Let's pretend that they would, then let's pretend the studio could afford them both, and let's pretend even more that the film would rake in enough to pay back their high pay checks, now is there really a film in The Three Stooges that we would want to see that isn't a biographical look at the men behind the characters, do you really want to sit through slapstick comedy for an hour and a half?



I can kind of see it. I always get irritated when people remake movies, but there is a generation out there who probably doesn't know who the Three Stooges are. It would be good for them. Or we could just poke them in the eyes?

Ha! We certainly could! However I really do wonder how much of a film could be made out of the Three Stooges nowadays, and will it work? Would you go and see it?


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