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Duff stands by anti-Dunaway comments

BonnieandClyde-HilaryDuff.jpgHilary Duff has tried to come out and defend the comments she made against Faye Dunaway who, when asked what she thought about Hilary Duff taking her role in a remake of the classic Bonnie and Clyde, she said "Couldn't they at least get a real actress?"

However her defence has fallen pretty flat, and I'm not sure if she's just hurt herself even more by building on the media feud.

Faye Dunaway had been told about the remake of the classic Bonnie and Clyde film from 1967 that she starred in, and when she was told that Hilary Duff. was taking the same role in The Story of Bonnie and Clyde she said:

"Couldn't they at least cast a real actress?"

Witty, and although it may have felt hurtful to Duff, it does have a sting of truth to it. She is a fledgling actress who has had one or two off type roles, otherwise she's known as a teen actress in fluffy films. Let's face facts. Right now that is the truth.

I can hear her fans whining about how she's just young, career ahead, how Dunaway started somewhere too, etc, etc. That's all true, and that's the very reason she, and the fans, should be acting a little more humble. She hasn't done many films, she isn't the great proven talent that Dunaway is, she hasn't done many against type roles, and no one is expecting this new Bonnie and Clyde to be anything near a classic film.

In her defence on The Bonnie Hunt Show through Digital Spy Hilary Duff admitted that her comments were mean:

"…it's not okay for people to take stabs at you and to say mean things for no reason…"

Hold on a minute, you've just admitted your comments are mean and then said it's not right to verbally attack people like that, double standards perhaps? I would guess that she's suggesting it's alright to verbally have a go at someone if you have a reason, like they verbally attacked you, or your analysis of Hollywood remaking one of your classic films with a teen television star is pretty much factual.

She continued with her defence:

"She started acting way later than I did, so I think I have time to grow with each project. I am learning and work hard at my craft."

It is true that when Faye Dunaway appeared in Bonnie and Clyde she only had a small number of films and television roles to her name, but that does not change the fact that time has shown that this film is a classic, as was another she made that year, The Thomas Crown Affair.

Hollywood remakes have a proven track record of being rubbish, particularly when they are cast with the young teen-friendly actors and actresses in order to appeal to a young audience, and it's also true to say that these days we do not have the same number of massive screen icons that we did back in those days.

Add all that together and it's pretty clear that while Dunaway may have been harsh in what she said, she was right, and what Hilary Duff should have done was be polite and respectful of an actress who has proven her worth time and time again in numerous classic films, and gone into the project guns blazing, determined to prove her critics wrong and fire out a great performance.

However film fans, not Duff fans, will be able to look at this subjectively and realise that the odds are heavily stacked against this film being good, or even anywhere near a classic. Perhaps Duff should listen to her own words and build her acting craft as she says.



I'm suprised that they would think Bonnie and Clyde would appeal to the High School Musical crowd?? What next, a teen friendly Godfather remake??

It seems the young actors of today need to take a lesson in humility and learn from their far more experienced peers instead of being quick to fire back.

Faye Dunaway has seen it all, done it all and got the T-Shirt. Hilary Duff needs to read Faye's comment from a different angle and as you say throw herself into the role and prove Faye Dunaway wrong.

The sooner these new kids on the block realise this, we can finally get some decent remakes out of hollywood.


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