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Emily Blunt on losing Black Widow

EmilyBlunt1.jpgEmily Blunt was first choice to play Black Widow in the sequel to Iron Man. However some contract shenanigans meant she has had to turn it down, so she can go be in Gulliver's Travels.

Now she has talked about leaving the project, and she sounds a bit disappointed. Wouldn't you be?

Amoung the Iron Man 2 casting confusion of late, one of the most definite choices was Emily Blunt as Black Widow. She was in talks and close to signing on. Then her contract problem with Fox came up, meaning she had to star in Guilliver's Travels. Despite trying to work it out so she could do both, it hasn't happened. And it's Iron Man 2 which lost out. Jon Favreau pretty much confirmed it all at the Oscars.

Blunt has been asked about all the commotion, and she seems resigned to missing out. She spoke to The Orlando Sentinel, through Comic Book Movie.

I'm okay. Because I just have to do this Fox movie, and it's fine and I'm gonna have fun. The whole beginning of the year has been rather dramatic, so I'd just rather go in with fresh eyes and know that I've made the right decision. You just don't know until it's all finished and done with, do you?...It's a little disappointing is all I can say.

Well I would chime in with some of the old favourites, it wasn't meant to be, what's for you won't go by you, but I find them all equally annoying when people say them to me. Wonder who will fill her shoes? We know Eliza Dushku and Scarlett Johansson are possibles. I reckon they need to get the villains right in Iron Man 2. Give Tony Stark something decent to do in the sequel, and someone more interesting to fight.



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