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Filmstalker at the 2009 Orange BAFTA Awards

BAFTA.jpgOn Sunday February the 8th the 2009 British Academy of Film and Television Awards takes place in London, and Filmstalker will be there to cover the event live. I will be, technically beside, the red carpet and attempting to blog live and trying not to wet myself at the excitement of actually being there.

You can follow the event live right here, and at the same time you can send in your comments, get involved in some polls and discussions, as well as watching it live on television.

In my mind, and genuinely I believe this even before I got an invite to this years BAFTA's, the awards ceremony tends to whittle through the explosions, the hype, and the flashy films to what really matters.

Yet the awards do seem to come under some fire from those outside of the UK, particularly in America. I think it stems from the sheer glitz and glamour of the Oscars, and the desire for these awards to be seen as much more than just the American awards. You know, there really is a place for more than two awards ceremonies, there's already enough room for the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and countless other awards from individual states to producers.

Anyway, regardless of that I'm heading to the BAFTA's, and if the Oscars or the Globes want to invite me to theirs, then I'll be only too happy to do the same for them.

This Sunday from the red carpet event you'll see the live blogging begin in the window below, and you can join in. Once the red carpet ends and I head into the event I might have to stop, but I hope to pass the baton across to get some other people to talk about the awards. Failing that, I'll be back online once the ceremony is over.

You can sign up below for alerts for when the blogging starts, or just head over here before the red carpet event starts, I'll probably start as soon as we're locked in the pen and getting organised for the stars to arrive.

Below is the live blog for Filmstalker at the 2009 BAFTA's. Enjoy, and get involved.



OOoooooooooo. How exciting! Looking forward to it! I'll try to remember to pop in!

I am not going to go anywhere Sunday evening, I'll be here!

Congrats again Richard - and well done to Filmstalker!

Thanks Simone/Marina. Combine it with watching on telly and we should get everything.

I'm going to try and make Louise a co-presenter so if I can't keep going from inside the show then she can take over.

Welcome to Londinium, Filmstalker!

Thanks Simone. Just getting organised and will start the live event as I start heading there - on your advice!

Ahh brilliant! Personally I am more interested on how your experience covering the BAFTAs than who wins! So yes, enjoy your late lunch, hope it's nice!

Well done Richard. Following along.

Had such a good time doing that!

Well done filmstalkers!

did you have any time actually checking things out
or was it all tapping away on keys on a phone!

sounds like a major laugh
lol at points
wrt mrs filmstalker

be well!

There was loads of tapping on the laptop, but I managed to pause and take things in, it was rather difficult though!

Hope you enojoyed it Josh et al, it was my first live blogging attempt. Might be another rather unusual one coming up.


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