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Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel trailer online

FAQAboutTimeTravel.jpgWow, there's a title for you. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel stars Anna Faris, now bear with me because you really should not write it off if you hear that name. Yes she's had a few bad films – come on, House Bunny? - but the rest of the cast is very funny and the film looks like a lot of laughs, seriously.

it's the story of three social outcasts sitting in a typical British pub, attempting to navigate a time-travel conundrum which is started off by the arrival of a girl from the future, played by Anna Faris. Hold up though, let's see the rest of the cast and the trailer before you judge it, trust me.

I first heard about the film back in November of 2006 and then I wasn't really that engaged, after all with Anna Faris involved I was immediately looking at it negatively, as I'm sure a lot of you are now. However it's written by Jamie Mathieson, a British writer whose blog I've been following, and directed by Gareth Carrivick who has directed a fair bit of British comedy, his biggest stint served on the very funny Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps which helped Ralf Little progress to film.

Now, here's the important bit, Chris O'Dowd from the television series The IT Crowd and soon to be in The Boat That Rocked, Dean Lennox Kelly from who has appeared most in Shameless, and another familiar name from British comedy, Marc Wootton.

So there you go, don't be judging it on Anna Faris' past record, judge it on that list of names together and then the following trailer, a trailer which suggests a film the likes of can't really be categorised into a genre very easily, and I think that's a good thing.

Here's the trailer which I found through Flicks News:



That was a pretty good trailer and you never know Anna Faris might die in a particularly gruesome way so it's got to be worth a watch.

Ha! Well that's true! Or better still she might give a good performance.

Lionsgate UK have just announced FAQ About Time Travel will now be released on 24 April 2009


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