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Gondry directing Green Hornet

TheGreenHornet.jpgMichael Gondry, director of films like Be Kind Rewind (Filmstalker review) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, seems to be in negotiations for a film that you might not expect him to be directing, The Green Hornet.

Yes Seth Rogen's film version of the television series The Green Hornet is looking for a new director after losing Stephen Chow over creative differences, so now Gondry is in the forefront for the role.

I have to say that if Stephen Chow found creative differences then I wonder what Michel Gondry is going to find in the project, after all he's known for being rather off the wall and having his very own creative style. Is he going to hack the production, or if he does get to direct the film, is he going to find it hard going too and disappear?

The good news is that The Hollywood Reporter still says that Stephen Chow is going to play, or rather he's still expected to play, Kato, the sidekick and assistant to The Green Hornet and his daytime alter-ego, Britt Reid. That's despite the growing rumour that he's thinking about pulling out of the role and that the project is grinding to a halt.

Reid is a playboy millionaire who inherits his father's newspaper, The Daily Sentinel. By day he enjoys his lifestyle and runs the paper, and by night he's a masked vigilante/hero alongside Kato.

It seems really a strange mix for The Green Hornet to secure Michel Gondry, and I really can't see which way this is going to go and how the story is going to prove attractive to an audience, particularly the audience that likes masked-hero type stories.

Can you see this working? I'm struggling myself.



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