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Hawkins and Staunton in British sex equality film

SallyHawkins.jpgSally Hawkins is set to star in We Want Sex, the incredibly poorly titled film which will look at the 1968 female workers strike at the Ford Dagenham car manufacturing plant when some eight hundred and fifty workers downed tools in protect against sexual discrimination and stood up for equal rights for women in the workplace.

It's a true story, and the word is that Imelda Staunton is in negotiations to star alongside her as Barbara Castle the Labour Employment Secretary of the government at the time.

It's a true story and a defining moment for female workers and equal pay for women in the workplace. The factory workers had walked out over sexual discrimination in their job performance reviews, obviously favouring men in the pay rises that they were receiving, or not receiving.

At the height of the strike and protests the committee behind the organised walk out were invited to meet with the Employment Secretary and discuss what the Harold Wilson led government could do, and it was at this meeting that it is said the issue of equal pay for women was raised.

Variety has the story and tells us that the title of the film, We Want Sex, is in reference to a banner that was carried during one of the marches that said “We want sex equality”, except during the march there was a slight accident and the last word dropped off.

Sally Hawkins starred in films such as Vera Drake, Layer Cake (Filmstalker review), The Painted Veil, Waz (Filmstalker review), Cassandra's Dream and Happy-Go-Lucky, and so this marks another strong film under her belt, and another up front role for her. Simon Curtis is set to direct the film, he's mainly been a television director to date but has some television films under his belt too.

I wonder if they will take the humourous route as the poster story and title suggest, or if they really will take a strong view of the historical impact of these times. My bet, judging by the film title, is that it'll be a humourous take on the historical events, lessening them somewhat.



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