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Hilary Duff hits out at Faye Dunaway

BonnieandClyde-HilaryDuff.jpgI'm sure there's a rule of thumb, don't have a slanging match with someone who could be considered a great figure in your career when you're just beginning yours. Except that's what Hilary Duff is doing, and forget who is throwing the first stone and how it's done, the target is Faye Dunaway and she's a Hollywood legend with an Oscar, a Bafta, an Emmy, three Golden Globes and a Razzie to her career.

Hilary Duff meantime has won some teen awards and is remaking a classic film that starred Dunaway, and the two of them are having a bit of a tiff about it in public.

Quite frankly it all stinks, and whatever Faye Dunaway has said she played an iconic role in an iconic film with an iconic male lead, she played Bonnie in the superb Bonnie and Clyde starring Warren Beatty.

Now Hollywood is deciding that this classic film needs a remake because there's a chance to make a profit with the teen audience who know nothing about the original, and they can add bigger explosions, more gunfights and they've found the perfect access to that audience, Hilary Duff.

While some media sources wound Faye Dunaway up to get some quotes about Duff, we were all wondering why they needed to remake the film and what Hollywood could possibly be seeing in casting Duff in the role, other than instant access to her audience.

Well the media got their quotes and fired them off to Duff. Dunaway had no idea who she was and why they were wanting to remake Bonnie and Clyde, oh I'm sorry, reimagine the story from the original source, yeah, remake now called The Story of Bonnie and Clyde. See the previous rumour and confirmation.

Duff got upset and her video remarks aren't very nice towards Dunaway, and I can't help but wonder what would have happened if the producers and film-makers had gotten together with the original cast and film-makers and maybe worked together, even if it was on marketing and media flattery.

In the meantime PopWatch through Quotd have the quote from Duff who says:

“I think that my fans that are gonna go see the movie don't even know who she is.... I think it was a little unnecessary, but I might be mad if I looked like that now, too.”

Here's the video of her saying just that.

Gossip this is certainly, unflattering, definitely, but it is worth talking about because this whole back and forth between Dunaway and Duff represents two ages of Hollywood and the current remake culture and offers an interesting insight to modern Hollywood.

This is exactly what is happening throughout Hollwyood right now, the new and young disrespecting the classic and legendary days and films in order to exploit a new, unknowing audience and make more cash quickly and easily.

That comparison struck me as soon as I started seeing the two hit back and forth in the press. It's not really about who threw the first stone, it's not about who's winning or going to win, it's about this disrespect of the classic days of Hollywood, about the fact that the originality seems to be going out the window, and there's no one creating a modern day classic equivalent of stories like Bonnie and Clyde, it's just cheaper and easier to remake and squeeze more cash out of audiences.



Not a fan of either actress, but thought it was funny. So I spent 5 mins looking into some facts. I imdb.com Faye Dunaway and I saw that she hadn’t started her career until age 25, where as Hilary started much, much earlier. Faye Dunaway has clearly had her hay-day and has earned some great awards and accolades. But she did so at a older age, so you can’t really compare the two, because Hilary hasn’t had the life experience and opportunities that come with being older. I mean, you cant cast a 13 year old in a role that delves deep into the all aspects of human emotion, well, you can, but then you can expect that kid to experience too much too fast and be burnt out or washed up before 25. I honestly have not seen any of the movies these gals have made in their entirety, but some comments have said things like, “hilary duff makes crap Disney movies, not a real actress.” But hey, I have 2 daughters and feel like that is what young actresses should be doing. This is entertainment we are talking about, its not that deep. Ok, this is too long. In short, I feel that if faye is such a great actress, she shouldn’t have to slam younger up and coming stars to get press. And the movie hasn’t even been made yet!!! So how can we tell. Also, the last movie Hilary made, she co-starred with ben kingsley, john and joan cusack, Marissa tomei and dan ackroid, its called war inc. Maybe I am a fan??

Duff can slag off Dunaway 'til she's blue in the face, and it will not hurt her career. Dunaway is not such a big name, a handful of awards don't mean much. Not even on principle, but especially not as a practical matter. Duff is new Hollywood and much more attractive than Dunaway ever was. Dunaway is the past, and a footnote in it at best. Perhaps she had a bit more talent, but not so much that someone like Duff, who's on her way up and probably has her best films ahead of her still, can't bang her up a bit in the press.

Of course, just on principle I'm on Duff (and Bale's) side. Freedom of speech and all that. Why should she hold her tongue? I don't think she'll get nearly as much out of it as she will out of speaking her mind, just generally in life I mean. A lost job or and Oscar snub is well worth it to be true to yourself. I hate false civility.

I am closer in age to Faye than to Hillary. Faye Dunaway may not be well known to younger folks, but to those of us old enough to recall her in the original Bonnie & Clyde, Chinatown, and Network, the comparison with Hillary Duff is ludicrous. Faye can act circles around that child.

It's sad to see little Hillary being disrespectful. She should learn some manners. Her rude attitude reflects that of so many "Disney kids" and that's why I don't allow my kids to watch TV, particularly not Disney, and rarely a Disney movie.

Well done Dee for being a voice of reason amongst this madness.

Comments like the other two are why Hollywood is getting away making remake after remake!

Regardless of her age,(whatever it is...)I think Hillary Duff showed a complete lack of class and intellect by choosing to make such a "juvenile" comment in regard to Dunaway's physical appearance. God willing, Duff, too, will eventually age. Maybe with that, she will gain some wisdom as well.(Or not.)


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