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Updated: Inglourious Basterds trailer captured online

QuentinTarantino.jpgThe Inglourious Basterds trailer has been captured from U.S. television in rather an old skool way, but it's been captured none the less and is available to see right here.

I've just watched it and while some of it looks great I have to say that other parts have me a little concerned, or rather more than a little concerned. The trailer suggests there's some unsubtly in the script, to say the least.

Updated: The previous trailer was removed and we've got a new, and much bigger, trailer right here.

Not just that but watching the Inglourious Basterds promo, even if it is filmed with a hand held camera straight off of the television, there's a niggling feeling at the back of my mind as Quentin Tarantino's delves into the story of World War II and brings out something...well...something I'm not sure will go without some controversy.

The swastikas carved on the heads of the killers, the fact that these soldiers are presented as pretty much evil and sadistic madmen in the trailer, and Hitler wearing an off the shoulder cape. I'm not so much concerned about historical accuracy in a Tarantino film, it just all feels a little off.

I'm hoping that some of it is down to the fact that we don't really get to see the proper trailer as Entertainment Tonight, where the trailer was copied from, is too busy talking all over the top of it, but that niggle is there.

Here's the Inglourious Basterds hand held filmed trailer which TrailerAddict is now hosting. As soon as the proper version goes online then we'll let you know. You have a look and see if you have the same niggling feeling that I have.



"She looks so great", says the female presenter. As if she likes this type of film. Silly cow. Not sure what I think of the trailer. I feel unexcited...

[Correction] "This looks so great", says the female presenter.

sadly down :(

Dammit, I was too slow. Anyone got an alternative url?

Yup, it's back up guys.


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