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Jackie Chan goes serious

JackieChan.jpgJackie Chan can act. It might surprise you, but he can, although you might have to go back to his pre-Hollywood days to see it, but he can and it looks like he's set to return to his acting and leave the comedy behind, finally.

He's starring in Shinjuku Incident (Xin Su shi jian) directed by Tung-Shing Yee who co-wrote with Tin Nam Chun. The story will see him play an illegal Chinese immigrant working for a Japanese yakuza.

I'm really pleased that he's taking a chance with some more serious work, but even happier that he's left Hollywood, even if it is just for a short time, and returned to China to make decent films once again.

Speaking through AP and Yahoo News Jackie Chan said:

“I hope to play good guys, bad guys, minor roles, major roles, ghosts and gods — I want to play everything...I hope to become Asia's Al Pacino or Robert De Niro.”

Well those are big shoes to fill, unless he's talking about their later career in which case it'd be pretty easy! Seriously though it does sound like he's far from retiring and might just be taking his career to much greater heights, if that's at all possible.

There's a concern that some of the Chinese audience might be a little upset by the role that Chan plays in Shinjuku Incident (Xin Su shi jian), a man who smuggles himself into Tokyo to find his missing girlfriend and ends up working for the yakuza as a hitman, due to the ongoing ill feelings between the two countries. However I don't believe that will be the case considering how Jackie Chan is viewed in his home country, I think the darker role will just bring him more praise and a bigger audience.

However the Chinese audience might not get to see the film, well they certainly won't legally in cinemas anyway, as the director has decided not to release the film there as he would have to edit out all the violence from the film. This is because China has a strict policy on film and no ratings system, so every film has to be viewable by all audiences.

So far though the release is only scheduled for Hong Kong and Malaysia on the 2nd of April, Vietnam on the 24th of April and Japan on the 1st of May. Here's hoping for more international releases.



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