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Judy Garland biographical film

JudyGarland.jpgI do love reading about and watching the great Hollywood stars, and Judy Garland is one that we haven't seen a lot about on screen and yet has a huge amount in her life that we just don't know about, our rely on anecdotes and rumour about. Well now the Weinstein's have decided to tackle her life story taking on the adaptation of Get Happy: the Life of Judy Garland (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

The biography Gerald Clarke looks at the actress and singer's personal life, and not just the obvious stories of her drug and drink addiction, but how she was treated in the industry and by those in her personal life too. Clarke wrote the biography of Truman Capote that made it to the big screen.

The blurb for the novel tells us that the writer, Gerald Clarke, took some ten years to write the story of Judy Garland's life, travelling across continents, conducting hundreds of interviews and reading through all the documents he could get access to, many of which had not been seeing by other biographers.

What's the most interesting part about the Variety article is that he had access to tape recordings she made about her life and an unfinished manuscript that told a lot about her life from her own point of view.

The blurb for the book promises that there's going to be a huge cast for the Garland film, just read this excerpt for some classic name dropping:

“Louis B Mayer, the patriarch of MGM; sexy Lana Turner, Judy's friend and idol, who had a habit of trying to snatch away any man Judy expressed interest in; clarinettist Artie Shaw, handsome Tyrone Power; boy genius Orson Welles and brilliant director Vincente Minnelli, who fathered her first child, Liza.”

Oh I really do hope that they throw some great names and money against this film, I would love to see a big line up of great names in here and something really worthy of the great screen name. However I do feel it will be a heart wrenching story that may well shatter what dreams people have of the persona of Garland.



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