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Live: Bruce Campbell My Name is Bruce Q&A

BruceCampbell.jpgOkay, here's a bit of an experiment. I'm going to be attending a screening of My Name is Bruce this evening which is directed by and stars the legendary Bruce Campbell. Now afterwards there's a Q&A and with the man himself, and I wanted to try something new and see if I could get you involved.

I'm going to try live blogging from the Q&A, as long as I don't get stopped of course, and there might just be the opportunity for you to pose me a question during the event that I can try and pass across to the man himself, although I can't hog the evening of course!

So if you fancy participating I'm attending the My Name is Bruce screening which has a 18:15 door closing, and with an introduction and an eighty-six minute screening time, we could be looking at starting the Bruce Campbell Q&A off around 20:00.

I would say head to your computer about ten minutes before and sit with it on this page. As soon as it goes live you'll see and can start joining in. You can add comments as usual, but you might want to join in the live blogging event itself which is pretty damn simple, you'll get it once the whole thing starts off.

I'd appreciate some joining in, even if it is just to send me comments, as I want to test this for another upcoming event.

Huge thanks to the_ape for helping me find this superb application, and good luck to all, especially me!



Well that didn't quite work as planned. Unfortunately I couldn't get Opera Mobile installed on my mobile in time as I couldn't clear up the space needed so that meant I couldn't use the full functionality.

Found it really hard to keep up with the man, he was obviously well oiled in the art of holding Q&A sessions, and it did seem to be that he was in a rush to get in and out.

However the questions didn't help, there were a couple of complete idiots in the audience. One shouting about pirating his films and the other idiot asking if he'd eat ice cream that tastes of poo.

However he was charming and incredibly funny, also extremely down to earth and forthright, particularly in his view of films.


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