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Martin denies Pink Panther embarrassment

PinkPanther-SteveMartin.jpgThere's no denying that anyone trying to remake complete classic films which are so perfect are doomed to failure, and why anyone would truly believe that they can achieve success by remaking the classic films of Peter Sellers as the wonderful character of Inspector Clouseau, or even some degree of praise, is fooling themselves.

That's just what Steve Martin is doing as he publicly dismisses the negative words from critics about the sequel to his terribly inspired remake of The Pink Panther, The Pink Panther 2.

He has lashed out at critics who have said that the film is terrible.

“I received bad reviews when I started with my stand-up act. 'The Jerk', one of my most enduring comedy films, was universally panned in America. And comedies always have to overcome critical snobbery...

...It's just the way it is. And so you go, oh, well, okay, why are these movies that you've criticized so archly still around 10 years later, 15 years later, 20 years later. It's because comedy is not a critics' medium. It just isn't.”

Wow. Those comments through Reuters and Yahoo News are shocking, really. He's saying that comic films don't belong with other films and that there's just no way critics can say if a comic film is good or bad. For the life of me I can't understand why a comedy is so different from any other film.

I also think comparing The Jerk to the remake of the comedy classic The Pink Panther made by the hugely spectacular Peter Sellers is just insane. Sure The Jerk is viewed as a great comedy by some, but that was back when Steve Martin was genuinely funny, and not swallowed up in the remake hell of Hollywood. Where's the originality in copying everything that a famous comic and dramatic actor once did and then adding in reams of cheap slapstick jokes?

I mean if you really want to compare that rubbish to The Jerk then feel free to continue to belittle your own career. Personally I say get out there and get some originality going, stop trying to make cheap remakes of classic comedy.

Oh, or am I wrong about saying that the original Pink Panther series is classic comedy because comic films can't be criticised like other films can?

The other thing that astounds me about these comments is that he's suggesting that his versions of The Pink Panther will be around in twenty years time. Well they may be, but sitting at the bottom of someone's DVD shelf, not in the same way that the Sellers' Clouseau is now, surely?



I can think of plenty of comedies that got good reviews. In fact, I directed one.

He's demented if he thinks the Pink Panther reboot is going to be re-evaluated in 20 years time. The first one was dire, just dire. It would take some sort of bribe to make me watch the sequel.


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