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Mary, Mother of Christ to rival Passion of the Christ

RobertPowell-Jesus.jpgAnother project set to raise the voices of the church going audience, or non-audience, is Mary, Mother of Christ, a film that is set to follow a similar path that The Passion of the Christ did back in 2004, and hopefully from the studio, becoming a big hit with the audiences.

The film is going to try and attract the same audience as The Passion did, attracting those of religious faith from throughout the world to try and pull in money to a large individually owned corporation – oh, you could read something else into that.

Already cast is Camilla Belle who will play Mary, Jonathan Rhys Meyers will play Gabriel and Lucifer, and Peter O’Toole will play Symeon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter story, the film-makers are trying to get Al Pacino and Jessica Lange for the roles of Herod and Anna the Prophetess. Interesting and rather big names for the roles, I wonder if they’ll manage to get Pacino?

Argentinean director Alejandro Agresti is directing Mary, Mother of Christ, he previously directed The Lake House some three years ago, and Benedict Fitzgerald, who co-wrote The Passion, wrote this screenplay with Barbara Nicolosi. Now we can see the connections.

Although I’m not into religion, particularly organised religion, I do love the old epic biblical films, but I feel they just can’t make them like they used to. I wonder if this will capture my imagination again or if it will appeal to religious audiences only.

One of the big draw factors will be the cast, and one of the biggest drawbacks for non-religious audience members will be the story. If it’s too preaching and not accessible unless you are religious then I don’t see it appealing.



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