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McG talks Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation

Terminator.jpgWe still don't know if Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in Terminator Salvation or not, and if he is the chances are that it'll be no more than a simple cameo, or so we've heard. In fact we even know what they are trying to do with the appearance, and McG again confirmed his intentions for an appearance, but in doing so revealed something else.

They've still not managed to get the appearance worked out, not from Arnie's side, but from the special effects side.

We've heard already that the intentions are to show on screen the first appearance of the Arnei Terminator in real time, by that I mean there isn't any time travel involved, this is SkyNet's first attempt at making the Arnie T-800 cyborg.

Now that doesn't mean we're going to see him all polished like the version we see come back in time to hit John Connor, no McG wants something a little rougher, something that looks like an earlier Arnie version, but to do this he's going to need some special effects.

You see according to MTV he doesn't want to show Arnie as he is today, no he wants to show Arnie as he was back in the first Terminator. Now that either means we're going to see him filmed today and aged back in time or we'll see the old Arnie grabbed from footage from the first film and reused. Either way that means CGI.

Speaking at the New York Comic-Con McG reveals that they haven't managed to do that just yet.

"I don't want today's Arnold Schwarzenegger...I want the idealized, Griffith Park, Bill Paxton, tire-track-on-the-face archetype and we'll see what we can do about that."

While McG is not revealing exactly what he's working on and how, he has said that Industrial Light and Magic are helping him reach for those dreams, and what are they?

"...figure out how to blur the line between a human character and a synthetic character to the point where you just can't tell where one begins and one ends."

It's pretty clear that he wants to use the Arnie image in Terminator Salvation and that we're going to enter into the storyline of how we see the T-800 created and become something more in this series.

I'm hopeful still, but I am a little concerned. We have to wait and see what more footage brings.



It'll be interesting to see what they end up doing. The release date seems so far away though :(

This is perfectly feasible. Beowulf managed some stunning character models that were very close to being real. A bit of moody lighting and smoke etc this could be pulled off.


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