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McG's Dead Spy Running gets writer

McG.jpgExcuse me, but how many times have we had the spy film reinvented of late? Bond, Bourne, Chuck on television and with the latter having been executive produced by McG himself? It's been happening a lot, and reinvention is the new remake in Hollywood. However McG seems to be heading down that path with a new spy trilogy called Dead Spy Running from the upcoming John Stock novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

The plot sounds completely daft in the small summary we're given, and the idea of another reinvention that the marketing team are selling as Bourne meets Le Carre sounds pretty uninspired to me and hardly a reinvention, but let's give it time.

After all McG was involved in the birth of Chuck, a television series that really did take an interesting look at the spy genre and turn it around, and he's also a director on the up at the moment, if you consider the projects he's involved with anyway.

So maybe there is something to be had from the story of a newly trained spy who, at the beginning of the story, is running the London Marathon in order to find a fellow runner strapped with explosives – have you seen the television coverage the marathon gets? Regardless the story then moves on to the main plot line which sounds much more mainstream, a global adventure in trying to clear the name of the spy's father.

Reinvention? I'm not really sure about that. However The Hollywood Reporter reveal that McG is directing Dead Spy Running and that they already have someone rather interesting lined up to write the story, Stephen Gaghan.

Gaghan, anticipating what you might be wondering, wrote Syriana, Traffic and Rules of Engagement.

It does sound like they have a good line up, but do we really need another “reinvention” of the spy genre?



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