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More on Blair Witch prequel/sequel

BlairWitch.jpgRemember when The Blair Witch Project burst onto the scene? Remember the dodgy sequel that followed? Well the brains behind it are cooking up either a prequel or another sequel.

Yes, we have heard this before. Are they finally going to carry through their threat?

It's ten years this year since The Blair Witch Project whip panned it's way into horror film legend. And it's nine years since Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 took some of the shine off.

Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick have talked about prequels and sequels before. But they seem to be hoping the ten year anniversary, will stir up some enthusiasm. Myrick spoke to Rotten Tomatoes, through Collider.

Ed and I have a prequel idea and a couple of sequel ideas and we're in the process now of revisiting a prequel idea that we would like to do in the hopes we can get Lionsgate on board with the ten year anniversary raising awareness again… it seems like films that already have a brand and an established lineage like "Blair Witch" are the kind of films getting made, so we're hoping we can get it resurrected somehow.

So the Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street remakes/reboots are to blame. I can't say any of their previous ideas have blown me away. But it looks like they are trying to honour the mythology of the character, whilst not cheapening the first.

Some of the ideas we have are more traditional narrative ideas that play with the mythology we've created around "Blair Witch" and what we really don't want to do is betray that mythology. We don't want to come up with some gimmicky way to shoot a sequel that's reminiscent of the first film -- because shooting like that is a gimmick -- and for it to come across as contrived. That doesn't mean that there aren't other innovative ways to play with style and process, but I think Ed and I are most concerned with honoring the mythology.

Hmm, honouring the mythology. Not sure the sequel managed that. I love a good horror film, and I enjoyed The Blair Witch Project. You do wonder if it's been copied and parodied so much, that it's kind of done though. Can they come up with something original to make us go back after all this time? Would you be interested?



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