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Multiple Watchmen clips online

Watchmen_Poster.jpgThere are a number of Watchmen clips appearing on the Internet through various sites, and as the release date gets closer the marketing begins to hype up, not that Watchmen needs a lot of marketing within the comic book/film audience that's for sure, however it does need to garner a more mainstream audience too, those people who have never heard of the comic.

I wonder if the marketing is going to be enough to do that? Marketing aside the clips that have appeared on the internet while I've been tiring myself out working and watching films at the Glasgow Film Festival are indeed looking good. Is it looking like it's going to live up to your expectations?

You have to remember that it can never live up to that of the comic, after all this is live action and moving images, it's not the stills of a comic book with your imagination to fill in the blanks.

So watch the Watchmen and decide if these short clips are doing it for you, and if you've read the comic as you watch these you'll remember the moments in the comic where they come from.

Nite Owl talks to Ozymandias about Rorschach and the possibility of nuclear war from MSN

Rorschach and Night Owl don't see eye to eye from Comcast

Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, and The Comedian rescuing people from a burning building from IGN

Nite Owl II and the Comedian attempt to break up a riot from the Owlship from Total Film



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