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Narnia franchise saved?

TheChroniclesofNarniaI_Poster.jpgIt looks like the Narnia franchise has been saved as The Voyage of the Dawn Treader has just had a writer attached.

It seems as though Walden have signed the writer to rewrite the script rather than choose the one already written by Richard LaGravanese for Disney. Perhaps Fox 2000 want something a little different to the Disney version.

Michael Petroni is the man who has been given the task of writing the Fox version of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader according to the Variety article.

However I don't think that the writer is the real issue here though, it's what Fox will do differently to Disney, and they obviously already have it in mind that they'll do something different with the hiring of a new writer to deliver a new script. Which I think is probably a very good thing considering the fact that Disney could do no more with it and were so willing to drop the franchise.

Will we see a darker, more realistic turn in the franchise? Do we really care if it is saved?



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