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New Friday the 13th sequel of the remake

Fridaythe13th-RemakePoster.jpgWord is that a Friday the 13th sequel is on the go, that's a sequel to the recent remake, and that this sequel will follow from the remake, not any of the original films that were made.

Apparently the reason is simple, the producers don't like the story ideas that followed in the raft of original sequels that we saw. Thankfully that means he's not going to space and becoming a cyborg then.

I'm sure that this is the same thing that happened with another horror franchise that restarted, was it Texas Chainsaw Massacre? I'm not sure now, they all seem to be merging into one blur of endless remakes. No, I've just remembered, it's Halloween. The second film will sequel the remade Halloween, not any of the original stories.

The rumour, because the sequel to Friday the 13th hasn't actually been greenlit yet, comes from Risky Business Blog where we hear that Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, who wrote the remake, are heading off to work on the sequel to that remake right now.

Although I'm dead bored of the entire remake machine, and even if the remake is amazingly done it's still remaking something we've seen before and so lacks something from the starting blocks, I am glad that they are deciding to follow their own path for the sequel of the remake.

Still, I feel it's a small gain for a franchise that really should have been left alone and something original made.



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