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New Land of the Lost trailer online

AnnaFriel.jpgTrailers can tell different stories about a film depending on who cut them and how, and the Super Bowl teaser for Land of the Lost was certainly done well and was perhaps one of the best film adverts from those bunch of clips. It turned around the film for me from what I was thinking would be a poor, average comedy to something a little better.

Now with this new trailer we've taken a little step back towards that average comedy, although there are still flashes of good stuff. It's not bad, but it's not as good as the Super Bowl advert was suggesting.

Perhaps another cut of the Land of the Lost trailer will show us something different? For me the walnut joke was straight out of the stock bag, and when you've seen enough American comedies you start to get bored of these obvious jokes.

However it's not all bad, the action looks fun, the story looks fun, and there are some good actors in it. Perhaps this trailer just isn't cut so well.

Judge for yourself by watching it here:



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