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New Monsters vs. Aliens trailer online

MonstersvsAliens.jpgThere's another trailer online for Monsters vs. Aliens and although there's only a few new clips, it's showing that there's plenty of fun and laughs to be had in this new film.

The story sees the government stockpiling monsters and hiding them away, and one day when an alien lands on Earth that they can't defeat and is threatening to destroy the world, the humans turn to their only hope, the Monsters.

You know that I saw one teaser the other day that said "DreamWorks back on form", and I thought that sounded really embarrassing for DreamWorks, I wonder who cleared that for airing, and if they did were they allowed to keep their job if anyone from the company saw it!

Monsters vs. Aliens looks a lot of fun, although I've seen the scanning joke so many times now...I have to say that the first trailer is still the best, the one with the soldier going through all the monsters one by one for the President and the assistant trying to deliver papers or tea or something and screaming every single time they show a new picture. I loved that gag.

I think it's going to be full of strong gags, have bags of originality - something we're sorely missing right now- and it carries a great list of recognisable voices. Have a look at the new trailer below through ScreenRush for some of that originality:



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